Building and Workshop
—— PEACEBIRD Logistics Center Project

Because of its opening structure system, VICHNET wire mesh cable tray system provides our customers more professional and scientific cabling support. VICHNET try our best to construct the buildings that meet the modern industry request.
Why so many rats and cockroaches in the traditional cable tray? It’s caused by the closed structure system and it also results the difficult cleaning. Therefore VICHNET recommend you to choose our wire mesh cable tray system to avoid rats and cockroaches, meanwhile meet the requirements of food factories. VICHNET wire mesh cable tray system is the only choice for constructing demonstration production bases.
Sample Project: PEACEBIRD Logistics Center Project
The investment of the project is about 500 million yuan and the total area is 168 thousand square meters.
The project selected two type VICHNET wire mesh cable tray, CM50-50-3000-5.0-EZ and CM50-100-3000-5.0-EZ, the quantity is more than 4000 meters. The products passed SGS, TUV, GMC and ISO9001 tests and certificated.
After received the goods, customer told us the height of the plant was more than 10 meters and the installation was very difficult. According to the actual conditions,
we researched and made one special and professional fastener and wire rod to deliver to our customer. Finally the installation process was been highly recognized by our customer.
This logistics center has been the innovative benchmark of Chinese logistics technology applications.