Environmental energy:
solar industry and wind power industry

Wire mesh cable tray can absolutely instead of traditional conduit system,
It solved the traditional conduit complex and loss of cable runs. flexible installation help save a lots of labor cost.
Wire mesh cable tray make cable runs visible and easy to maintain.
It’s open structure make it have good ventilation, nice heat dissipation,flowing water out etc. advantage,and it will also improve the cable life and the useful life of the entire project.
Currently,many solar energy and wind energy projects used Vichnet wire mesh cable tray system.

Model project:a famous US energy company solar project
The project is a company specializing in household photovoltaic power generation in California.It provides solar energy services such as system design, installation and construction supervision.Since its inception has become a home solar energy rental services leading enterprises, has more than 500 communities and hundreds of thousands of users to provide solar services.
Hot dip galvanized wire mesh cable tray was used in many project co-operated by this solar company and Vichnet.
The main installation way is ground installation,Vichnet hot dip galvanized wire mesh cable tray because of its superior product quality, good corrosion resistance for outdoor use, get a high degree of customer recognition.
We are committed to providing customers with efficient, clean and environmentally friendly solar cable management, so that customers with the rest assured.

Model Project:a Germany leading wind energy company projects
Vichnet focus on the design of efficient and innovative wind energy cable management system.
Before we worked with this leading wind energy industry leader, Vichnet had invited our this company to visit Vichnet. Vichnet moved them with professional attitude, thoughtful service and flexible deliver.they finally decided to adopt Vichnet wire mesh cable tray system.

Vichnet suggest to use hot dip galvanized finish tray for wind energy industry projects.
Because of the particularity of the application environment, the corrosion resistance requirements of the tray are particularly high. Vichnet thickness of HDG is generally up 60μm,and provides 10 years warranty, to provide customers with a clean, safe use of the environment.