In the future, Vichnet will continue to focus on technological innovation and turn innovation into results.


In 2019

  • Nickel Color wire mesh cable tray has been put into mass production, which is popular among customers.
  • NMAC has won a number of Data Center Technology award.
  • Drafting and formulating
  • standards for "Metal Welded machine Guarding system", "Standards for Wire mesh cable tray",
  • "Standards for Plastic Optical Fiber Trays".
  • 2018

    2018 Improve management

  • Implement Kingdee ERP system
  • Implement the amoeba model on production lines
  • 2017

    2017 New Products:

  • Wires and Patch cord
  • Vichguard
  • self-lock cable tray
  • Under desk wire mesh cable tray
  • 2017 Invested in R&D and
    implementation of new technology:

  • Alloy catalyzed nickel plating, avoided the harm of zinc whiskers to data center
  • Graphene coating
  • new cable trunking and ladder
  • 2015


  • Became the leading brand in the Chinese cable tray industry.
  • participated in the formulation ofthe wire mesh cable tray standards
  • 2013


  • Targeted resources on online marketing and sales
  • Serialized cable tray product slwire mesh cable trays, fiber optictrays, cable ladders
  • Strut Channel
  • 2009


  • Business focus
  • narrowed on developing and producing wire mesh cable tray products
  • 2006


  • Company founded
  • providing cabling and wiring equipment for telecommunication operators